Botanical Art - Pen & Ink

Drawing forms the foundation of all work produced by Sarah and combined with pen and ink, highlights the structure and beauty of botanical subjects.

Each drawing is produced using the highest quality inks and pens, using technical drawing pens as well as more traditional dip pens.  Inks are highly pigmented and light-fast and colours compliment the subjects, rendered in black, sepia or grey, with watercolour washes often used to enhance areas of a drawing.

Some of these images will feature in Sarah's forthcoming book:  Natural History Illustration in Pen and Ink - A Journey through Nature, due for publication in 2021.

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 Botanical Pen & Ink Gallery

Illustrated using fine-line and technical drawing pens in sepia and black ink

 Twigs & Buds in Winter

Part of 2016 RHS exhibit

© 2017 Natures Detail/Sarah Morrish

English oak Quercus robur

© 2017 Natures Detail/Sarah Morrish

Wayfaring tree Viburnum lantana

© 2017 Natures Detail/Sarah Morrish

Guelder rose Viburnum opulus

© 2017 Natures Detail/Sarah Morrish

Hazel Corylus avellana

© 2017 Natures Detail/Sarah Morrish

Alder Alnus glutinosa

© 2017 Natures Detail/Sarah Morrish

Field maple Acer campestre

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