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Natural History Illustration in Pen & Ink

Published by Crowood Press

Natural History Illustration in Pen and Ink

" This beautiful book combines the author's extensive ecological knowledge with art, and her passion for drawing with ink.  It is packed with clear instruction and inspirational illustrations, and will be treasured by artists, illustrators, scientists and ecologists alike"

The Crowood Press 

"This is one of the most comprehensive books around on natural history drawing"

"If you’re serious about drawing wildlife in all its forms, you won’t do better"

Henry Malt, The Artist Magazine


"Sarah’s illustrations are beautiful and intricate, capturing the beauty of her subjects with sensitivity and skill" 

Leisure Painter Magazine

"Overall this is a brilliant book, perfectly suited to building your natural history drawing skills" 

Sylvia Myers, Ecologist & Book Reviewer, Natural History Museum, London

"Essentially this book is an excellent resource and reference book. It is

  • an excellent and comprehensive instruction book which is packed full of quality content that is both well organised and well written 

  • very practical - with lots of useful information and tips

  • packed full of illustrations and images which inform, educate and inspire

  • suitable for any committed art students from secondary school to the third age

My art instruction books of choice many years ago used to be those produced by Watson Guptill (The Drawing Book etc) because they were comprehensive, objective and authoritative. I can pay this book no higher compliment then to say it very much reminds me of the quality of those publications about various art and media topics - including the book on pen and ink!"

Katherine Tyrrell of Making A Mark and Botanical Art & Artists


This book combines science and art and takes you on a journey through the natural discoveries that Sarah has experienced from childhood through to her adult life working as an educator, ecologist , artist and now author.  These discoveries have inspired her to create a range of illustrations covering many aspects of the natural world in pen and ink, often combining this with other media.

Natural History Illustration in Pen & Ink

Natural History Illustration in Pen & Ink

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This unique book provides:


Practical advice on using a range of materials and equipment for illustrating in pen and ink, as well as the collection and preservation of subject matter and reference material.

Detailed instruction in how to create essential mark-making techniques that will enhance your illustrations through accurate depiction of shape, form, texture and pattern, and in the principles and elements of design.

Subject-themed chapters including botanical subjects, strandline and marine specimens, fossils, invertebrates, birds, feathers and nests, and mammals.

Additional chapters on:  the importance of sketchbooks and study pages, protection and presentation of artwork, combining pen and ink with other media and composition.

Step-by-step exercises suitable for all skill levels, and case studies describing working practice as a professional illustrator.

Additional examples of natural history illustration in pen and ink by other artists ~ Paschalis Dougalis, Lara Call Gastinger, Jennifer Hunt, Richard Lewington, Lisa Mason, Libby May, Carim Nahaboo, Adrienne Roberts, Elizabeth Romanini, Guillermo García-Saúco, Lucy T Smith, Ann Tromans, Claire Ward, Sharon Williamson, Dawn Wright.

Reviews from readers

“Brilliant and Inspiring - absolutely loved the format of this book and the quality of the work by the author and the other contributors is stunning.
Clearly written with a host of useful information.  Cannot put it down at present”.

“This is a fantastic book, so thorough and detailed with excellent illustrations. I will treasure my copy”.

“The book is beautiful and inspiring and Sarah's hard work in creating the book is reflected in its quality and comprehensiveness. She demonstrates how pen and ink can be used to render all manner of natural history sub-jects, and the inclusion of lovely work by other contributing artists shows the different styles that can be achieved with this medium. It's packed full of wonderful illustrations and lots of information and instruction on using pen and ink. I know I will be using and learning from the book for many years to come”.

“Your book is so inspirational. When I found this Copper under-wing moth on the windowsill, I turned to your guidance on page 145. It will be permanently out for use”.

“I’m really enjoying the book, so much information and the photos and illustrations are fantastic ”.

Natural History Illustration in Pen and Ink
Natural History Illustration in Pen and Ink
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