Engaging people with the natural world through art

Botanical & Natural Science Artist & Naturalist

Sarah Morrish BSc Hons  CPGFS  FLS  ASBA

Sarah combines science and art in producing paintings and illustrations that immerse you in many aspects of the natural world and its processes.

She hopes to raise awareness of the beauty and fragility of nature in all its forms - from individual species to declining habitats.  Fieldwork and drawing from life plays a large part in the process, along with research; growing and nurturing botanical subjects and working from museum specimens.

During 2019 Sarah is creating a new body of work which will form the core of a book, due to be published in 2020 by the Crowood Press.  You can keep up to date with this project on the Illustrating Natures Details Facebook and Instagram profiles.

Her love of exploration, both near and far combines with her ecological knowledge; developing her garden to benefit wildlife; and also a passion for teaching.

Her courses, workshops and personal tuition seek to inspire, encourage and motivate artists of any level of experience.  

Teaching approaches are carefully planned and structured to suit group learning experiences as well as individual needs, both in person and online.

"I believe that immersing yourself in the natural world alongside drawing and painting, can really help to promote a sense of well-being"

Sarah Morrish 2017

Fossilised Stegosaurus vertebra - from the Etches Collection,      Kimmeridge, Dorset.

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